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A transfer is a banking operation through which you can send money to an account, whether it is a Savings Account or a Current Account. This operation works for accounts of the same entity or between different entities. In addition, there are transfers to national, international, or online accounts. Keep in mind that the time in which the money is received may vary depending on some conditions such as whether the transfer is between accounts of the same entity or if it is to an account abroad.


Before making a transfer, keep in mind some information such as:


– Your bank account number


– The account number of the person receiving the money.


– The amount you are going to deposit. Remember to have sufficient funds to carry out the banking operation.


Bank transfers are part of the most widely used operations since they offer advantages in relation to the ease and comfort of the process. But all these activities are very dependent on bank accounts and in the context of the digital era, it is a digital bank account. But why is opening a digital bank account important today? Maybe one of them is sophistication, for example the ability to integrate with other payment platforms such as the best wire transfer for small business owners.


Find out the different benefits of opening a digital bank account, taking into account their functionalities and the convenience they offer.


A bank account is an invaluable tool for your personal finances, and its usefulness is enhanced when it is managed virtually.


5 advantages of having a digital account


After downloading the application from your trusted bank, you will have access to online banking, an exclusive platform where you can manage your finances from any device with an internet connection. Among its features you will find the following:


  1. Send and receive bank transfers


Register accounts quickly, no matter which banks the people you want to send money to are registered with and make transfers in a matter of minutes. Generate proof of these movements, send them by email or text message, and receive money from other people or the company you work for with equal simplicity.


  1. Monitor your account movements


Keep closer control of expenses thanks to a digital account. Using it, you will be able to view each purchase you make, successfully collect payments, or review the details of each money transfer, all from the application. This way it will be easier to record your spending habits, establish budgets based on them, and detect anomalies (strange purchases in stores you don’t frequent or in another location), which reveal a cloned card or a theft of your bank details.


  1. Alerts you of every movement made


In that sense, a digital bank account adds an additional layer of protection to your finances. The moment a charge is approved, you successfully register an account, or a direct debit is charged, you will receive a notification on your cell phone or email that will inform you of what happened. Of course, be sure to turn on notifications first, so you can closely monitor your money.


  1. You can experiment with your first investments


On the other hand, a digital account will also allow you to make your first investments. You can start by trying low-risk investment mechanisms, in which you know in advance the estimate of your returns at the end of the established term. In the long run, after becoming familiar with them, you will be able to invest more skillfully and consider investment options that are higher risk, but that could give you the possibility of obtaining a better result.


  1. Allows you to do all this without having to go to a branch


Above all, one of the main advantages of having a digital account is the speed involved in both the process of opening the account and carrying out procedures online compared to the traditional way.


Keep in mind that to review the data in a traditional way, you must wait a month to receive your account statement and analyze your finances, or if you deposit money you have to use your time to go to the bank and wait in line.


Transform the way you use your bank account


Having a digital account saves you the time of waiting in lines, along with the cost of transportation to the branch. It will also allow you to receive your salary every fortnight, create savings goals, put your money to work, and have the possibility of making it grow through investments, coupled with the option to control the use of your cards.


Nowadays, more and more people have a bank account in a bank or financial institution, so it is a very good time to join the trend and take advantage of the benefits of making the transition to a digital bank account and managing your finances in a better way.

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