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Content marketing for SEO? Do you understand that? Do you realize its importance for your digital marketing? This branch of web marketing does not simply consist of creating a website with a company blog where you can publish articles potentially useful to your audience. Rather, it is a series of strategies aimed at increasing visibility online which are based on a notable ability to analyze phenomena concerning professional websites, primarily:

– the analysis of website statistics to deduce which type of content attracts the public’s attention the most

– identifying the appropriate channels to guarantee your content appreciable visibility in relation to their format and business objectives

– the optimization of content for search engines to ensure that they are well positioned and easily discoverable

– the analysis of sector trends to decide how to update the contents in relation to changes in public interest

Content marketing supports the broader concept of inbound marketing as it aims to guarantee a constant production of content that leads to spontaneous expressions of interest from the public, such as requests for information, subscriptions to the newsletter, requests for quotes, etc. And of course, in the context of online sales, content marketing is synonymous with what is called SEO marketing. Every marketing effort carried out must be in line with the rules of a site’s visibility in the eyes of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The benefits of Content Marketing for people

A solid and well-curated production of content allows us to intercept varied search queries produced by users in the zero moment of truth phase (that situation in which information is collected to form an idea in view of an imminent purchase).

The greater the amount of content you produce for your site, or in a broader sense for your online presence (social accounts, YouTube channel), the more you influence how your reputation is perceived by your audience. Think about it for a moment, are you more inclined to visit sites that produce content frequently, or do those come out rarely?

Obviously, quantity does not rhyme with quality, the important thing is to be able to maintain a reasonable level of quality so that visitors’ interest in following you is motivated by the certainty of obtaining an actual benefit.

The advantages of content marketing for people can be summarized in the possibility of:

– increase the chances of being publicly recognized as experts and capable of solving the concrete needs of your audience

– increase visibility and brand awareness

– increase trust in your brand

– increase interactions with your audience

– increase the chances of obtaining spontaneous business contacts

The Advantages of Content Marketing for SEO

Content marketing is a discipline that not only offers opportunities to position yourself as an authoritative expert in the sector towards your audience but also to increase the reputation of your portal in the eyes of Google. As you can imagine, a website is well positioned on search engines if it offers valid reasons for the public to return to visit it often.

Content for the company blog constitutes a substantial incentive for both crawlers and people to return to the site to satisfy an information or entertainment need. A site that presents a constant production of content – taking their relevance to the search intent for granted – signals Google constant care over time and produces signals in terms of engagement and appreciation such as:

– backlinks and mentions

– comments

– a lower bounce rate, a more consistent dwell time, a greater number of pages visited, and so on

Creating valuable content with a certain continuity allows you, over time, to earn a sort of “credit of trust” from Google which will somehow facilitate your subsequent positioning possibilities.

Have you noticed that established portals are always positioned among the top positions of their target even if perhaps there are similar recipes described in an even more careful manner online? This happens, beyond the SEO work carried out because Google “trusts” the portals in question based on historical experiences.

Dedicating yourself to content marketing consistently means producing materials to support a valid link acquisition campaign. Google’s evaluation algorithms make use of procedures that simulate human considerations (with a questionable degree of approximation if we want). If your site receives tons of backlinks but no one talks about it online or takes the effort to create valuable content, there is something strange going on.

If, however, you offer valuable content, take care of your online presence, and receive mentions and signs of appreciation, it is much more plausible that the links (natural or otherwise) are perceived as earned “with the sweat of your brow” and are safe from possible penalties.

And what do you think? What are your experiences in content marketing and SEO?

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