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What to Know About Inhibitors of Estrogen Action



What to Know About Inhibitors of Estrogen Action


Estrogens are produced in the ovary throughout the menstrual cycle, but at different concentrations depending on the day of the cycle. They have the effect of increasing the thickness of the endometrium during the first phase of the cycle before ovulation occurs.

The main effects of estrogens on a woman’s body are:


– They determine the accumulation of typically female fat on the hips and around the breasts.


– They are responsible for the appearance of hair during puberty.


– They stimulate the production of vaginal fluid in a way that prevents dryness.


– They help fix calcium in the bones and prevent osteoporosis.


– They have a protective effect on blood vessels so that they reduce the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.


– They influence the metabolism of fats and cholesterol, protecting the arteries from atheromatous plaques.




Very high levels of estrogen in the blood are related to an increased risk of breast, endometrial, prostate, colon, or ovarian cancers. To prevent these levels from rising, we must take care of our diet and practice regular physical exercise. There are two types of estrogens:


– Endogenous estrogens, which are produced by our own body


– Exogenous estrogens, which come from food and endocrine disruptors that reach our body and have a mimetic effect with estrogens


Therefore, by controlling the endogenous production of estrogens and the intake of exogenous estrogens we will achieve a balance that will protect us against many diseases. To do this we must enhance certain foods, reduce others to a minimum, and undergo hormone replacement therapy.

It has long been held that hormone replacement therapies can be counterproductive. But little has been said regarding the reverse situation, where the inhibition of the action of a certain hormone is deliberately caused. This procedure, which is usually used in the treatment of hormone-dependent malignant tumors (breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.) is not debatable given the context surrounding the decision to use these substances.


On the other hand, the search for aesthetic perfectionism has led many interested in somehow inhibiting water retention and fat synthesis, to be inclined to use these drugs in order to cut off the biochemical pathways involved.


In other words, estrogens are directly responsible for the metabolic pathways of fat synthesis, inhibiting some enzymes and stimulating others in order to tilt the process towards fat anabolism. In the same way, its ability to cause an increase in the secretion of Aldosterone, a hormone that acts in the nephron (the fundamental unit of the kidney) causing the retention of Na+ (Sodium), determines the reabsorption of water from the lumen of the renal tubules. towards the renal intracellular space first and then towards the general circulation, influencing the increase in the volume of intravascular fluid and its subsequent deposition at the subcutaneous level, which causes a “blurred” appearance, a term widely used by bodybuilders who precisely what they are looking for. It is as “dry” as possible.


Another important reason to use these drugs is their ability to counteract the negative effects that usually appear when female hormone levels increase significantly. Let us remember that the formation of estrogens occurs as a result of a chemical process known as aromatization. This means that if the Testosterone doses used by an athlete are high, the estrogen concentrations will also be high.


High levels of estrogen can cause, among other things, the appearance in the first instance of an increase in the sensitivity of the nipples, followed by pain on palpation and finally the appearance of a lump at the breast level, a process known as Gynecomastia. In some cases, using an estrogen blocker is strongly recommended. If we add to this situation the increase in fat content and significant water retention, which can cause an increase in the risk of developing high blood pressure, we can perfectly understand the reason for the use of estrogen action inhibitors in the population of bodybuilders, both at amateur and professional level.


Within the group of drugs that act on the mechanism of action of estrogens, we can classify them as:


  1. Peripheral Estrogen Receptor Blockers


  1. Central Estrogen Receptor Blockers


  1. Inhibitors of Estrogen synthesis


Although all of these agents seek to act by canceling the action of estrogens, each group does so in a different way.


Among peripheral receptor blockers, Tamoxifen is the drug that represents this group. Its ability to block the binding of estrogen to its receptor is limited in terms of duration and effectiveness (% of the total existing receptors that can be occupied by the drug). This means that even if there is a blockade of 100% of the existing receptors, the duration of the effect is relatively short and this requires continuous administration since estrogen never stops being produced and is waiting to have its opportunity to bind to its specific receptor and act, causing the aforementioned effects.


On the other hand, Clomiphene is the representative drug of estrogenic blockers at a central level. This difference in the location of receptors between peripheral and central is due to the fact that at the central level, the desired effect is to cancel the negative feedback signal that occurs when there are high levels of circulating estrogens, and in this way, it is allowed to continue with high levels of secretion by the Pituitary of the so-called Gonadotrophins (GnRH), namely:


1-Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH):


  • Stimulates ovulation in women


  • Stimulates spermatogenesis in men


2-Luteinizing Hormone (LH):



  • Supports the production of Testosterone in men


Finally, within the group of drugs that completely inhibit estrogen synthesis, we can mention Anastrozole as a representative drug. Its inhibiting power on estrogen production makes this drug one of the favorites of the bodybuilding world, but unfortunately, its high cost limits its use.

In summary, the use of estrogen action inhibitors in the world of bodybuilding is a fact. It is necessary to keep in mind that like any drug, its abuse can cause disorders and that if someone decides to use any of these substances, they must be used under strict medical control.


Health Insurance: The Reasons Behind



Health Insurance: The Reasons Behind

Millions of people, having to resolve health issues, choose to pay out of pocket at private facilities. The reasons for this choice are various: much shorter waiting times compared to public waiting times, smaller price differences compared to ticket prices, better accessibility, wider assistance, and finally, decreasing trust in the National Health Service. Therefore, it is not surprising that, in this context, more and more people are choosing to take out a health insurance policy to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of illness or injury.

Health insurance is the ideal policy to protect ourselves and our family members, which is why many people take advantage of it today, choosing from the different possible variants. Health insurance allows you to obtain total or partial reimbursements on the costs of:

– medical visits

– diagnostic tests and tests

– hospital and extra-hospital healthcare services

– specialist visits to private facilities

– any treatment therapies.


They vary depending on the policy stipulated and the conditions envisaged, but the possibility of obtaining reimbursements, even partial ones, through the annual payment of the premium, remains a great advantage for oneself and beyond; in fact, insurance often covers medical expenses for the entire family unit. This allows you to benefit from reimbursements for the costs of visits or medical services even if the family members of the health insurance holder benefit from them, without therefore having to take out multiple separate policies. In many cases, the best health insurance plans for family are very helpful. Thus, comparing many insurance plans is something that must be done before a family head makes a choice.


Some health insurances also include various tests for the prevention of diseases, and can therefore be offered the possibility of carrying out regular preventive checks at no or low cost, from a simple annual blood test to a more complete check-up with established periodicity. Having complete health data will really help simplify the procedure for taking out a health insurance plan.

Minor children

Among the various possibilities for families where children and young people are present, health insurance can offer particular advantages for dental care for children under 18, primarily for treatments with dental braces.

Health plans

The various health plans offered by health insurance companies therefore offer basic individual or family policies that start from the classic reimbursement for medical expenses, which can also cover any hospitalization.

Greater peace of mind

Subscribing to health insurance allows you to “feel more relaxed” in the unfortunate event of having to resort to surgery and hospital stays, for example following accidents; within the limits foreseen by the chosen policy, expenses such as anesthesia, surgical costs, and operating room costs are usually covered by basic insurance. Going into detail you can find health insurance dedicated to specific surgical interventions, or you can also opt for a daily allowance policy which offers a sum for each day of illness.

When insuring with a health insurance policy, the policyholder is asked for information on his state of health by completing a health questionnaire which ultimately forms an entire part of the policy contract. The questionnaire must be filled out with precision and accuracy to obtain the acceptance of the insurance company which, if there are omissions or few clarifications attributable to wanting to hide health problems, can refuse the insurance request even earlier.

In particular, a defined “shortage” period is usually present immediately after signing up for health insurance, which is required by insurance companies to protect themselves; a person could declare themselves not ill despite knowing it and commit to taking out a policy immediately before being hospitalized. A detail worth mentioning is that naturally, the older you are, the more likely you are to have health problems and for this reason the premiums for health insurance for an elderly person cost more; you can even find companies that do not offer insurance over the age of 70.

Still regarding the exclusions in the policy, in general, expenses for illnesses caused by alcoholism and drug addiction as well as specific interventions such as cosmetic surgery are not covered. Today, there are more and more companies that offer the insured a list of affiliated nursing homes to contact for treatment, without even having to advance the cost of the service, which will be covered directly by the insurance. However, if you opt to obtain services from non-affiliated nursing homes, you will have to pay the expense in advance and then present the relevant form.

Finally, health insurance essentially works like car insurance: just contact its assistance service, and it will take action to direct you to a private healthcare facility or professional to receive treatment. Some insurance companies offer a 24/7 medical consultancy service, with professionals always available.

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Why is it a good idea to take a first aid course?



first aid training Melbourne

Knowing what to do and how to act in an accident or medical emergency can be the key to survival, including our closest environment. According to a report by the International Red Cross, approximately half of accidental deaths can be avoided if we have knowledge of first aid, which is why we consider it vitally important to take a CPR course.

But what is CPR? Why is it important?

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is a technique used when a person suffers cardiac arrest. The main objective is for the heart to reactivate its function to restore the victim’s respiratory capacity. Cardiac arrests arrive without warning, affecting both young people and adults. To save lives, it is important that people have a minimum of knowledge about how to act in these cases. Even, it is necessary for the little ones to learn CPR maneuvers as soon as possible and call the emergency services as soon as possible. The earlier they gain consciousness, the better the victim’s chance of survival.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) maneuvers are an effective technique that can save lives in case the victim is facing cardiac arrest or drowning. Even if your knowledge is not the best about it, it is better to try something than to do nothing. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation combines cardiac compressions (keeping the blood oxygenated and circulating until palpitations can be restored) with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (to supply oxygen to the lungs).

We rely on our efficient emergency assistance systems, our ambulance network, and healthcare personnel. Our country has one of the most efficient emergency systems in the entire world. However, there are accidents for which the response time may be insufficient or certain conditions prevent timely attention. The remoteness, characteristics of the event, and the impossibility of notifying the accident can increase the risk of worsening the victim’s condition. Luckily, more and more Australians are now aware of at least one training session. For example, what is recommended is this first aid training Melbourne. This training is professionally designed to accommodate participants from various age levels.

​Anyway, for this reason, knowledge of basic first aid techniques is crucial in many accidents, medical emergencies, or catastrophic events. Mastering the main techniques for assisting injured or accident victims can make the difference between life and death in many cases. In other less serious cases, early attention to an injury can be decisive in containing and stabilizing its effects until the arrival of emergency services.


Who should know first aid techniques?

According to doctors specializing in critical medicine, the entire population should have basic knowledge of rescue and first aid. It is estimated that between 40 and 60% of accident deaths have occurred due to the lack of early or effective care at the time of the event. The first minutes after the occurrence of an accident can be crucial to save the life or stabilize the victim until specialized care.

In some countries like Germany, Switzerland, or Denmark, a basic first aid course is mandatory to obtain a driving license. In other countries such as Italy or Argentina, teachers at any level must take these courses as part of their academic training.

First aid knowledge should be mastered by:

– Any person who is in contact with at-risk populations or who, due to their profession, is exposed to risky situations.

– Any professional in the area of services, restaurants, and hotels.

– Teachers, caregivers, tutors, and parents of infants, children or adolescents.

– Public transport drivers and public service providers.

Like all branches of knowledge, first aid courses are taught gradually, progressively, and sequentially. From the most basic rescue and care techniques to the most complex ones with a greater degree of involvement or attention to more complex situations.

All first aid courses contemplate a fundamental principle that is based on:

– Knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques

– Location and measurement of vital values: heart rate, respiratory rate, and other vital signs.

– Measurement of the victim’s degrees of consciousness.

– Management of wounds and placement of bandages.

– Basic hemorrhage containment.

– Basic immobilization of fractures, sprains, or traumas.

– Clearing and un-obstructing airways.

– Alert, timely notification, and collaboration with emergency services.

– Evacuation techniques and transfer of injured people in catastrophic cases.

In a CPR course, along with this knowledge, the person acquires the ability to maintain serenity and objectivity in an emergency situation. Mastering these techniques can be essential in our work, personal, and family spheres. CPR stories, songs, videos, and video games are the most requested options by centers that want to add this practice to their students, obtaining incredible results. In the end, a first aid course is very important for anyone, remembering that disaster can happen at any time and anywhere.

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Opening a medical office: 6 tips to start it successfully



medicine cabinets

The health business is always tempting and if you can put things right, success is something that is not difficult to achieve. If you are an entrepreneurial medical professional and are thinking about setting up your own health clinic, this article may interest you, since we offer you the keys to developing your project. Obviously, first, it is necessary to have a clear business project, with a study of the services to be provided, the location of the business, an analysis of the competition, possible clients, and fixed expenses.

Today, healthcare professionals are not only responsible for caring for patients and prescribing medications, because many have also become major entrepreneurs. However, investing in a business such as opening a clinic or office, for example, is not an easy task as many imagine. Along the way, there may be some challenges, but don’t worry, with the right actions you can do great and achieve the success you want.

Here are six valuable tips to begin the process of opening a medical practice.


This is the first stage of opening any business, after all, without good planning, everything you achieve in a short time can dissolve. It is very important to do research and budgets, make calculations, put together spreadsheets, in short, organize your ideas and then put them into practice. In the planning phase, you can also choose the location and structure where the clinic or office will open, so be sure to look for a location that is easily accessible to future patients and that is in line with your budget.  You can start now looking for quality medical equipment at affordable prices, for example, medicine cabinets, examination tables, and so on.

​Any project must be supported by network studies and have all the studies prepared that support the project to be carried out, including the functional plan. If this support does not exist when the design is carried out, the project is susceptible to changes during the contracting or construction process, which implies higher costs and delays in its execution.

Hiring professionals

When we talk about hiring, we refer to all sectors: health professionals, receptionists, secretaries, administrators, and general services. If you, as a health professional, will be the only one who acts in patient care, you can reduce the number of employees, since the number of tasks will be smaller. Even so, it is necessary to make a good selection of candidates and evaluate each profile thoroughly, as this makes it easier to raise the clinic’s reputation. The wrong choice at the start can cause problems later. That’s why careful selection is so important.


Both the colors used and other decoration points must be chosen in a way that conveys good feelings to patients and provides them with the necessary comfort. It is very important that the decoration is related to your specialty, and because it is in the health area, it does not necessarily have to be purely white. The color white can give the feeling of a larger place and refers to hygiene, however, this color can also cause discomfort when referring to hospitals.

Hiring medical software

With technology working in our favor, opening a practice using the old conventional agendas and records becomes obsolete and ineffective, because there are already systems that automate all processes, such as scheduling, attendance, financial releases, and even billing. In addition, good software can help with various tasks, such as confirming appointments by SMS and WhatsApp and the online agenda, where the patient can schedule their appointment through the clinic’s website.

Excellence in service

Valuing good service is essential for the success of your office, after all, just like in any commercial establishment, when a client is well served, in addition to coming back, they recommend you. In the health area, it is no different, so providing good care is essential to maintain and attract new patients. It is also essential to provide a humanized service where good communication between the health professional and the patient prevails and transmits sympathy. In addition to these points, many others are essential.

And finally robust and transparent bidding processes and contract administration

It is important that the tender documents and terms of reference for designs, works, and supervision are complete, and that they clearly define the scope of the projects without ambiguities, as well as that the signed contracts are administered and managed appropriately, with simple operational procedures. Weaknesses in these aspects give rise to blind spots, unforeseen works, or disputes between the parties during execution. Of course, this point is not limited to health clinic projects but also applies to other business projects.

Did you like the tips? We hope it has helped you make good decisions on your new journey.

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